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contemporary portrait red paint oilpaint figure figurative
portrait dog contemporary oilpaint painting red wood
legs, contemporary art, figurative art, red, oilpaint, painting

Shanna is a visual artist making contemporary art and illustrations, Zwolle

portrait, study, contemporary art, blue, painting, oilpaint, fine art
contemporary, shanna bakker, art painting oilpainting graffiti skull spraypaint
portrait, painting, man, sketchy, sketch, oilpaint, painting, red, hand, abstractm, figurative shanna bakker, figure painting
porait, oilpaint, painting, metal, women, figurative art, art,contemporarty art,
portrait, contemporary, hat, figurative, art, oilpainting, blue, wood, upcycle, female, feminism, shanna bakker
contemporary, hands, red, oilpaint, abstract, scisser, lines, sketching, sketch, sketchy, oilpaint, painting, wood,
portrait study, contemporary, art, painting, portrait, modern, young, female, feminism, upcycle, oilpaint
shanna bakker, contemporary, young art, artist, new, modern, figurative, portrait,
cat, houses, oilpaint, contemporary, sky, orange, blue sky, painting, roof
figurative painting, person, red, wood, blue, contemporart art, figure painting, shanna bakker
figure painting, oilpaint, yellow, abstract, contemporarty, modern, chair, painting art
selfportait, portrait, red, wood, contemporary art, female, abstract, sketchy
oilpaint metal, paint on scrapmetal, upcycle, art, shanna
iron, metal, scrapmetal, painting,  oilpaint, figure painting, figurative, man, cap, pink, shanna
figure painting, portrait, man, cloud, sketchy
iron, oilpaint, contemporary art, abstract, metal, scrap metal,
woman, wood, painting, art, upcycle, feminism, sketchy, pencil, art
coffee, painting, mug, tabel, wood, oilpaint, posca's, winsor&newton, sketchy, figurative
painting, olipainting, wood, yellow, 2 people, elderly, art, figure painting, shanna
pogs 2020.jpg
bird, dead bird, purple, wood, sketchy, sketchlines, oilpaint, contemporary, wood, small
wood, arms, woman, pink, contemporary, figure painting, shanna bakker, red, hand, sketchy
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